Ana Atach – Language Coach (Spanish & English)

Offering Spanish and English language lessons

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Language learning can be difficult, but not if you have the right Language Coach!

Curious? LEARN Spanish for the first time!

Have an upcoming trip? PRACTICE your Spanish with a native speaker.

Always wanted to be able to understand what that song says? TAKE your Spanish to the next level with an experienced instructor.

In person (Center city Philadelphia) and online lessons available.

WHY PRIVATE LESSONS? Everybody learns differently! In some cases, I recommend a pre-assessment (test) to figure out your language knowledge and set up a base. I like to get an understanding of my students’ learning style and proficiency level. This is why I offer a consultation free of charge to learn more about the way you learn and design a series of lessons that fit your needs.

HOW? The structure of the lesson is based on how you learn best. Some people like to work their way through a textbook, others like to get a base first before moving on to more intense writing and reading. Regardless, I emphasize using all domains (reading, writing, listening and speaking) though at the beginning I like to focus more on listening and speaking to get used to the sounds, recognizing and producing words. A typical lesson includes words of the day, some grammar concept and then practice through games, worksheets and/or conversation.

WHAT? Regarding materials, we usually use worksheets and other materials that I provide or that are easily accessed through the internet (e.g. News articles).

WHEN? We can start as soon as it is convenient for you.

WHERE? I teach lessons at my home in Center City Philadelphia.  If you are NOT local, I also offer online coaching through Skype which requires a computer and an internet connection.

HOW MUCH? Individual lessons start at $60 per session (one hour).
Small group lessons are also available by signing up together with others with a similar Spanish level and pace.  One hour session: $40 per person (2 people).

Do you have any further questions? Do you want to schedule a consultation free of charge? Please submit your availability and the answers to the following questions in the form below:

  1. What is your native language? What other languages do you speak?
  2. Have you taken Spanish/English lessons before? If so, for how long and when?
  3. What is roughly your level of proficiency in Spanish/English? (Beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  4. What is your target proficiency level in Spanish/English?
  5. And… the most important of all… why do you want to learn Spanish/English?

I look forward to working with you and becoming your language coach!

NOTE: If you prefer, you can also email me directly to



***DISCLAIMER***: I understand life happens. If you are not able to make it to a session, you must cancel/reschedule a minimum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled time. Otherwise, a fee for the full amount of the scheduled session will incur. 


A BIT MORE ABOUT MY METHOD: Flexible, reliable & efficient

Why am I flexible? 

I offer a variety of ways to improve your skills including one-on-one sessions and small groups. My hours are also flexible and adaptable to your needs and your schedule!

Why am I reliable? 

I create a plan of study based on your skills and needs. I offer a free consultation to determine your language goals whether it is grammar, pronunciation, working on vocabulary building or practicing fluency through oral conversation. Also, by getting to know your interests and passions I can tailor my teaching to exercises and lessons that are fun and captivating!

Why am I efficient?

My deep understanding of both Spanish and English, combined with patience and costumed made and interactive lessons, make my language teaching effective! Moreover, my understanding of not only the language but also the culture of both Argentina and the United States will spark your curiosity and therefore increase your learning!